Welcome our new Falabella Horses!

Last week we welcomed a new breed of horse to the Farm Park.  Not only are the Falabella the newest horses at the Farm Park, they are also easily the smallest! These little creatures are usually no taller than 8 hands (32 inches).

The falabella horse has been bred in Argentina for over 150 years and was developed to be the size of a pony but with the conformation of a horse. They do indeed look like a tiny horse and with their large expressive eyes, we think they look rather endearing.

Horses are normally taller than 14.2 hands, however the Falabella is one of the few exceptions to this rule. As well as height, the bone structure, muscles and body proportions can also affect the classification of the horses and ponies. Not to be confused with ponies, these little gems are horses through and through.

There are some differences between our Falabella’s and the typical Horse. The Falabella horse has seventeen vertebrae, compared to most horses which tend to have eighteen. They also have at least one less pair of ribs than other horse breeds.

Jessica and Amore are on display now so book your tickets here to see these cuties for yourself! Please note our tickets are always cheapest when booked online.