Recycle, repurpose & reuse

Like most of our visitors, we here at the Farm Park try our best to minimise our impact on the environment. This year we have installed new recycling bins around the park and have tried our hand at a spot of upcycling.

Upcycling is the process of changing old waste items into something much more useful. It’s free, it reduces waste and it’s fun!

So far we have based all of our designs on old tyres or wooden pallets found around the farmyard.

Our first success is the Bug Hotel in the Conservation Area. It was so simple to construct, stacking pallets of roughly the same size with just a few screws to hold them in place. We then took some old broken bricks and off-cuts of pipes from the farm to add interest. Next we filled them with natural materials like fallen leaves, bark and twigs- all of which bugs love to live around. The only new part of the build was the living roof.

With pallets being so readily available and versatile, we also made some epic planters! They are perfect to show off the new Adam Henson range of wildlife-friendly seed mixes. Each one took 6 pallets and lots of patience to make! I’m sure you’ll agree the end result was worth it.

Old tyres are notoriously hard to recycle as they are designed to be so tough. However we have found them to be perfect plant pots! We have also used them on our play equipment and as food bowls for our Soay’s. They are also great for use as a birdbath. Pop a metal bin lid on the top to hold the water, make some grippy sides with stones and hey presto, happy birds.

Send us photos of your upcycling efforts… we may like to borrow your ideas!


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