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Re-purpose your pumpkin!

1.Turn your Pumpkin into a Planter Keep the Autumn festivities going by using your pumpkin as a planter for a small potted plant. The planter will last for several weeks, and then you can plant it directly in your garden to decompose   2. Create a Pumpkin Birdfeeder Feed your neighbourhood birds with a pumpkin birdfeeder. 3. Relax With a Pumpkin Face Mask Out late at a Halloween party? Recharge your skin with pumpkin’s good-for-you vitamins A, C and E. 2 Tbsp organic canned pumpkin puree or 1 small pumpkin 1/2 tsp organic honey 1/2 tsp milk (you can substitute soy or almond)  D...

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New Adventure Barn

On Saturday 16th September, we will be opening our brand new Adventure Barn! The barn will be split into three sections; Barefoot Beach, Forest Floor and Construction Corner. These will feature a large sandpit with tower and beach hut, a ride on didicar track with den play area and a JCB area with ride on tractors! All areas will combine play and education - linking these aspects to our local history and the forming of the landscape. As well as a play area for the kids, we are adding a cafe outlet - The Shed - for the grown ups, serving hot and cold drinks with snacks.

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Horse Arc

We have recently welcomed a Horse Arc to the Farm Park that is being enjoyed by our string of Exmoor Ponies! After its great success at Countryfile Live, being used by our Highland Cattle, it has been moved to the park. ‘Developed in co-operation with Equine Scientists and the National Trust, Horse Arcs are loved by horses and are becoming the must have field shelter for horse owners.’ - Horse Arc The Arc is helping to keep our Exmoor Ponies and their foals warm and dry in the cold weather! Learn more about Horse Arcs here:

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IAE Barn New Piglets

New Arrivals!

Our brand new IAE Animal Barn saw its first birth last night at 7pm, in the form of a dozen gorgeous Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets. Dolly XXVII (the 27th!) is an experienced mum and some of her grandpiglets are even coming with us to The Big Feastival later this month. She did a fantastic job delivering all 12 piglets, including her youngest, who decided to come out backwards and has been named 'Orion's Belt' due to the 3-spot formation on his side. Dolly had a very relaxed birth, with Livestock Manager Mike keeping a careful eye on things, but not needing to assist at all. This is the first birth to have taken place in one of...

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20 things to do in the summer holidays

20 Activities for the Summer Holidays

Here are 20 fun activities to have a go at (indoors and outdoors!) while the children are off school.   1. FREE - Play the memory tray game Remember the Generation Game programme? If you haven't played this game before, you might recognise the format! Place a selection of interesting objects on a tray and cover them with a tea towel. Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. Uncover the tray, give them a set amount of time to memorise the objects and then cover the tray back up again. Ask the children to write down a list of the objects they can remember. Whoever remembers the most wins a small prize. ...

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