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Terraced Area

Introducing our new Visitor Centre…

The Ox Shed has been built on the site of the farm's old livestock barn and triples the size of our existing Visitor Centre facilities. It has been sympathetically designed, taking the original use of the site as inspiration, whilst bringing the Farm Park's facilities up to date with beautiful aesthetics, eco-friendly features and visitor comfort at the forefront of the process. We're delighted to open its doors to you all and can't wait to hear what you think. The Ox Shed will be open to the public from 9am - 5pm every day and is free to enter.   Inside ‘The Ox Shed’ We’ve had a fantastic team on site during the renovati...

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Christmas Shopping Ideas

Our shop is open daily from 9.30am-4.00pm until Christmas Eve. You don't need to buy a Farm Park ticket to access our Shop or Café, so why not pop up to get your Christmas goodies. Check out some of our ideas below. A signed booked by Adam Henson Choose between A Farmer and His Dog, Adam's Farm - My life on the Land or Like Farmer, Like Son. Or pick all three online and receive a 15% discount! When you purchase any of these books online, you can add a personalised message which will by written and signed by Adam himself. Local Produce From cheese to alcohol, chutneys to chocolate, we've got it! Our shop stocks a wide variet...

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Official Recognition for our Albion Girls

There’s news at the Farm Park. Really big news. We’re excited to tell you that our latest rare breed herd has made history, with the news that Albion cattle have officially been brought back from the brink. After a long campaign Albions have been recognised as a distinct British breed for the first time since the 1960s, when they were declared extinct. The decision means the Rare Breeds Survival Trust will include the remaining 170 Albion cattle in its annual Watch List of native and traditional breeds, giving them new status and a level of protection with yearly monitoring of the registered cow population. If you’ve already met the Be...

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Plenty of Potatoes!

This September saw the Farm Park host it's first ever Potato Patch and we've had a spud-tacular time! Back in May we planted approximately 10,000 seed potatoes of two varieties. These gave us a whopping 15 tonnes of spuds for you guys to dig. We also held a '#spudselfie' competition to win annual membership. To enter we asked for photos of you with your freshly harvested potatoes, after you'd crafted them into something creative. We had some cracking entries so a huge thank you to all who entered. The tubers grow deep under ground and we suspect that a few of these golden nuggets might have evaded the reach of our hard working...

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Ram wearing a raddle

Tupping on the Farm

It’s tupping time on the farm – and it means we, and our ewes, are making plans for new arrivals in the spring. A tup is a lovely old mediaeval word for an uncastrated male sheep, so it follows that tupping is when the ram is put to the ewes for mating. Normally the boys are kept away from the girls, for obvious reasons, until it’s time for tupping of course. We spend a lot of time selecting the rams with the most potential as the genetic future of the flock, and the farm’s income later on, both rely on robust, virile tups. We have a large flock of commercial sheep on the working farm in addition to the ever-popular rare and native bre...

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