Jurassic Farm Park

Six Weeks of Summer is well underway and this week we are hosting Jurassic Farm Park.

Dinosaurs once roamed all over the land and they left plenty of evidence to prove it.  In fact, a fossil found at nearby Stonesfield quarry in 1819 led to the first ever scientific description of a dinosaur.  In 1824, fossil hunter William Buckland named the reptile Megalosaurus meaning ‘great lizard’ and budding archaeologists can discover its footprints at the bottom of our Jurassic Dig. Although the weather hasn’t been particularly kind to us so far this summer it certainly hasn’t dampened the spirits of our junior fossil hunters who have been searching the sand pits for evidence of life in the Mesozoic Era.  Using identification charts to learn more about what they have found, visitors have been testing some of their newfound knowledge by navigating the dinosaur-themed maze.

We are also keeping everyone busy in the craft zone where children are decorating their own plaster of Paris ammonites and sea urchins.  And, if you thought paper plates were just for parties and picnics, come and see how perfect they are for making a whole host of miniature dinosaurs. Jurassic Farm Park will continue to run until Sunday 2nd August.  It is followed by Birds of Prey week starting on Monday 3rd August.

For faster entry through the shop, tickets and animal snacks can be bought online here.