Our Iron Age piglets have arrived

What's stripy, small and 'oink's a lot?

Yesterday our wonderful Iron Age sow farrowed (gave birth to) her litter of piglets. Nic Nic is 8 years old and tends to have two litters a year. The gestation period for pigs is three months, three weeks and three days.


The Iron Age pig is a breed that Joe (Adam’s Dad) created for a BBC series in the seventies that needed an authentic looking Iron Age pig. They are a mix of Wild Boar from London Zoo and a Tamworth sow from our farm. You will notice that some of Nic Nic’s piglets have stripes and this is because of them having that touch of Wild Boar in their genes.


The father of Nic Nic’s piglets is a Tamworth, so they tend to have the striped Wild Boar characteristics when young but grow up to look a lot more like their Tamworth father.  The stripy pattern is also found on wild boar piglets and helps them to stay safe by camouflaging them in their woodland habitat.


These piglets will stay with mum at the Park until they are six weeks old, when they will be weaned and moved to the farm.


Iron Age Piglets