Happy bunnies!

DIY hopping platforms for our bouncy bunch...

The happiest bunnies are those that are able to display natural behaviours like hopping, climbing, tunnelling and digging. We’ve been thinking of fun ways to give our rabbits the opportunity to do these things whilst living in the Touch Barn. Over the coming months we will be testing out some home-made rabbit toys on our furry friends and letting you know which ones are a hit and which one are a flop!

This month we have built a hopping station! Luckily for us we had a visit from the lovely Roots to Shoots team earlier in the year and they were kind enough to cut some of our felled trees into discs. We then pinched some logs of varying lengths from the woodland walk (don’t tell Adam!) and attached the discs to the top (three screws in each). To finish the station off, these logs were then mounted onto a plywood base which kept them stable.

Our indoor bunnies love them! We spread their fresh vegetables out over the different levels and our visitors love to see them stretching and hopping for their veggie treats.

Why not give this a try at home? We would love to see your efforts, send us a photo at info@cotswoldfarmpark.co.uk or tag us in a picture through social media .

If you can’t get your hands on some spare logs try out other materials to provide hopping platforms. Wooden crates from craft stores, up-turned plant pots or cardboard boxes could all provide somewhere interesting for your rabbits to entertain themselves.