Conservation Area opened by Ellie Harrison

You’ve now got even more reasons to visit us, with the launch of our new attraction for 2013 – the Cotswold Farm Park conservation area.

Our conservation area explains about the importance of biodiversity and the hard work that farmers are undertaking to conserve and promote wildlife in our countryside. It shows you the history of the Farm Park and surrounding area and takes you on a journey through the various ways that farming enhances the local environment and wildlife.

We’ve planted a broad range of plants that are beneficial to insects and birds, an area of pollen and nectar rich plants, wild grasses, beetle banks and a pond. You’ll be able to see a bee hive and learn about pollination; view a wormery in the soil zone, and learn about the importance of integrating wildlife and food production in farming systems.

Ellie Harrison, Adam Henson and David Neal

Adam Henson explains “It’s a great way to learn how to encourage wildlife in your own garden, whatever size. Butterflies and bees don’t take up much room, but have huge benefits to the environment.”

This project is supported by Agrii, suppliers of agronomy and environmental advice to the farming industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park and everything we have to offer. If you don’t get a chance to visit, you can keep in touch on our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter @AdamHenson @CotswoldFarmPrk.