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Live Milking and the Sheep Show are back!

The Animal barn is no longer filled by our lambing season (don’t look too sad it’s back next Feb!) so we can get back to our old favourites on the demonstration stage. The Entertainments Team will be delighted to take you on a journey through time in our Sheep show. Watch as our cheeky rams climb the pyramid stage and hear about the part that their breed has played in British farming history, plus, there are costumes! Milking takes place twice daily and you can see first hand where the milk you drink every day comes from. Meet our milking animal (cow or goat) and ask as many questions as you can think of- test our...

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Calving – Live!

New born lambs steal the limelight, as well as our hearts, in spring. But sheep aren’t the only breeds giving birth at the Farm Park at this time of year. Now that Easter is behind us we’re in to the calving season as our pregnant rare and native breed cows take centre stage. We have six expectant mothers this April; two Highland cows, two White Parks, a Belted Galloway and a Gloucester. They’re all beautiful British breeds which are easy to recognise and always popular with the public. Just like the lambing demonstrations, we’re hoping that at least some of the cows will give birth during the day in our new Animal Barn so...

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Extended opening hours for Evening Lambing

We know that Lambing is one of the most magical times of year here at the Farm Park and many of you just can’t get enough. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like in our lambing shed after dusk then you are in luck! For one night only, we will be keeping the Animal barn open until 8pm. Wrap up warm and snuggle together to watch our ewes bring their lambs into the world (hopefully!). Hot food and plenty of hot drinks will be available from the Shed. Just buy a normal day ticket and enter any time between 10:30am and 7:00pm to take part in this event. Check out our special event listings to find out more.

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The Wonders of Lambing

Is there anything that can beat the sight of a newly-born lamb? Eyes blinking, a first tentative bleat and a woolly tail wagging ten to the dozen. It’s what spring is all about here at the Cotswold Farm Park as our brand new Animal Barn becomes the focus of everyone’s attention with all the excitement and anticipation of a maternity ward. This really is my favourite time of year and I love seeing new, little lives coming in to the world. But what makes lambing time even better is being able to share that joy with hundreds of our visitors. The improvements we’ve made over the winter mean that there’s plenty of room in the Animal...

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Snow Closure – UPDATED

**UPDATED WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENT** We will be CLOSED SUNDAY 4th MARCH due to the continuing poor travel conditions and cold weather. The local roads are still snow covered and drifting is a problem. On site, most of our water supplies are frozen and the team have been prioritising caring for our animals, defrosting water pipes/ troughs, adding additional bedding, feeding and further protecting the barns and field shelters from the wind. If you were planning to visit we are sorry to disappoint but would be grateful if you could please share this information to help spread the word for us. We do hope to be open again on Monday,...

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