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Checking the teeth

Getting ready for the big date!

Most of our rams are separated from their ewes for much of the year. They will only live together from late September to mid November, and this period is called ‘tupping’. This is when our rams have to work hard and ‘cover’ all of the ewes they are put to. Sheep have a gestation period of 5 months, so when February comes around and we open to the public again, we will be hoping for our first lambs.   Before this happens however, there is a lot of preparation for both parties. Each will be health checked and wormed with teeth, legs and feet given a good look over. It is important that they can get around and eat well...

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Butcombe Rare Breed

A new look for ‘Rare Breed’ ale

It’s been an exciting twelve months for Adam’s ‘Rare Breed’. Winner of a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge 2013, the pale ale now has a striking new bottle label. From this month, for the first time, thirty Asda stores will be listing Rare Breed throughout the South West and you can also find it at seventy-five Tesco stores in the region. Launched in 2011, Rare Breed is produced by our friends at Butcome Brewery. It combines a shared passion for farming and brewing, using the finest ingredients - Maris Otter malting barley from our farm, aromatic Herefordshire hops and Mendip spring water. For further...

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Adam with Eric the Highland Bull


A blood test has shown that Eric has a condition called Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) and has also been in contact with the Schmallenburg virus, both of which can affect fertility.  Eric has shown no signs of improvement during several palpation examinations over the last 4 months. A recent fertility test has indicated a history of Vesiculitis and a high mortality rate of sperm in a substandard sample.  At Cotswold Farm Park we run a breeding program for rare and native breeds and we must have a fertile bull with each herd to ensure that the cows can continue to have calves. We cannot keep Eric on site as we operate a high...

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Ellie Harrison, Adam Henson and David Neal

Conservation Area opened by Ellie Harrison

Our conservation area explains about the importance of biodiversity and the hard work that farmers are undertaking to conserve and promote wildlife in our countryside. It shows you the history of the Farm Park and surrounding area and takes you on a journey through the various ways that farming enhances the local environment and wildlife. We’ve planted a broad range of plants that are beneficial to insects and birds, an area of pollen and nectar rich plants, wild grasses, beetle banks and a pond. You’ll be able to see a bee hive and learn about pollination; view a wormery in the soil zone, and learn about the importance of...

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