Breeders Working Together to Save Endangered Goat

We were delighted to welcome members of the Bagot Goat Society to Cotswold Farm Park on Saturday 29th November.

Breeders descended from all over the country to swap notes, discuss ideas and review the current status of the breed, listed as ‘endangered’ on the Rare Breeds Watchlist with only 100 to 200 breeding females left.

A primitive breed, which is native to Britain, Bagot goats are small and friendly, often winning the hearts of visitors to Cotswold Farm Park, but as they are not selectively bred, they have very low meat and milk yields.

The Cotswold Farm Park herd is one of the oldest in the UK, formed from a group of ‘refugees’ saved from Blithfield Park by Joe Henson in the 1970s, when the park was flooded to form a reservoir to provide water for the growing city of Birmingham.

The Farm Park registered 10 Bagot goat kids born this year, accounting for more than 10% of the total new arrivals across the whole country.