Birds of Prey Week

Here at the Cotswold Farm Park, we like to think we know a thing or two about birds.  This week however, we are hosting some unfamiliar feathered friends - a selection of birds from South Wilts Falconry.

Toby Puddle, who has been a practicing falconer for over 18 years, is amazing visitors with his impressive collection of owls, falcons, kestrels and hawks.  After giving everyone a brief introduction to his companions, addressing a few common misconceptions and dazzling us with some astounding figures, Toby gives visitors the chance to see the birds in action.  They really are some beautifully engineered creatures and young and old alike are relishing the opportunity to don the gauntlet and examine them at close quarters.  During his three daily displays, Toby is flying the birds on a creance line.  We know it’s unlikely they will go for a chicken but with so many rare breeds about we are not willing to take the risk!

It seems we’ve not just got birds of prey in the air but on the ground too as in our craft area visitors have been busy making pompom owls and decorating their own sets of wings to wear around the site.  Glue, feathers and glitter have to equal fun, don’t they?

Birds of Prey week will continue to run until Sunday 9th August.  It will be followed by Romans in the Cotswolds starting on Monday 10th August.

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