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Running the Cotswold Farm Park, which pioneers rare breed conservation, has given Adam an in-depth knowledge of British farming and led to his expertise being highly sought after for TV,Radio and public speaking.

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Calving – Live!

New born lambs steal the limelight, as well as our hearts, in spring. But sheep aren’t the only breeds giving birth at the Farm Park at this time of year. Now that Easter is behind us we’re in to the calving season as our pregnant rare and native breed cows take centre stage. We have six expectant mothers this April; two Highland cows, two White Parks, a Belted Galloway and a Gloucester. They’re all beautiful British breeds which are easy to recognise and always popular with the public. Just like the lambing demonstrations, we’re hoping that at least some of the cows will give birth during the day in our new Animal Barn so...

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The Wonders of Lambing

Is there anything that can beat the sight of a newly-born lamb? Eyes blinking, a first tentative bleat and a woolly tail wagging ten to the dozen. It’s what spring is all about here at the Cotswold Farm Park as our brand new Animal Barn becomes the focus of everyone’s attention with all the excitement and anticipation of a maternity ward. This really is my favourite time of year and I love seeing new, little lives coming in to the world. But what makes lambing time even better is being able to share that joy with hundreds of our visitors. The improvements we’ve made over the winter mean that there’s plenty of room in the Animal...

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Adam health checks a dog

Adam’s top tips for a healthy dog

I have always been passionate about animal welfare and I want the best for all of the animals in my care, including my dogs. Regular visits to the local vet are vital but there’s a lot that we can do ourselves at home to ensure our pets remain happy and well.  Checking your pet for just five minutes, once a month could help you spot potential health problems early on, avoiding discomfort for dogs and potentially hefty vet bills for you. I explain more in the video I've made with pet food company Forthglade :

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Christmas Health Warning for Dogs

A Christmas Health Warning

I've recently teamed up with pet food brand Forthglade, to help increase awareness of how dangerous certain Christmas treats may be for our dogs. 60% of owners asked, admit to sharing festive food with their dog.  Which means that around 5.5 million dogs this season could be eating food which is detrimental to their health. Watch our video to find out more:  

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Kate NFAN 2014 Award

A winning start to the year!

I’m delighted to say that we have been awarded the Farm Attraction of the Year Award 2014. The National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN) presented the trophy to Kate Lord, our Farm Park Manager (pictured below), at their annual conference in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, on Wednesday, 11th February. We are so proud to have beaten off competition from across the country to win this national award. It takes into account every area of the business, so it’s been a real team effort to bring that trophy home to the Cotswolds. We can’t celebrate too hard though – we’ve got a Farm Park to open! The gates will once again be open...

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