Media Enquiries

The Cotswold Farm Park features regularly in local and national press publications, as well as television and radio broadcasts.

For media enquiries about the Cotswold Farm Park; news stories, events or background information, please contact us via the enquiry form.

If you are looking for images to use for promotional or editorial purposes, we have a photograph archive available on Dropbox.

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Location filming and photography

We are happy to discuss the use of Cotswold Farm Park as a location for commercial photography, TV and film.

We have supplied animals for two David Attenborough programmes, as well as period dramas and feature films including Emma, Clandestine Wedding, Middlemarch, The Hour of the Pig, Braveheart and Fred Claus, the Christmas Movie.

Our animals in historical order:

  • Early History: Soay sheep, Highland cattle
  • Bronze Age: North Ronaldsay sheep, English goats
  • Iron Age: Shetland sheep, Oxen, Iron Age pigs
  • Roman Britain: Cotswold sheep, White Park cattle, Exmoor ponies
  • Viking Britain: Hebridean sheep, Manx Loughtan sheep
  • Norman Britain: Norfolk Horn and Herdwick sheep, Gloucester cattle, Tamworth pigs, Shire horses, Bagot goats.
  • Agricultural Revolution: Portland and Castlemilk Moorit sheep, Belted Galloway cattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, donkeys
  • Second World War: Kerry Hill sheep, Shetland ponies, Golden Guernsey goats.
  • Modern Agriculture: Texel sheep, Boer goats.

Our animals have also been used for magazine and catalogue photo shoots, including World of Interiors and Joules Clothing. They even took part in a photo shoot around the artworks by Damien Hurst on display at Sotheby’s in London.

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If your media enquiry is specific to Adam Henson, please visit his personal appearances page.