Special Events

From Easter egg hunting to bushcraft, these are our upcoming events...

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Maize Maze (New for 2017)

Our Maize Maze is opening on the 29th of July!This year the maze has a tractor theme, where both children and adults can enjoy getting lost in a sea of maize crop and using the clues to escape.Along the way you will find other attractions such as puzzles, play areas, kids activities and more, all related to this year’s tractor theme.Our maze is attached to the Farm Park, and is located in a field very close to the visitor centre. Once you've paid your admission to the Park, you’re welcome to come and explore the maze!If you haven’t been to a Maize Maze before you'll be shocked at what a great addition to your day they o...

Spinning through the ages at Cotswold Farm Park

Wool Week

To celebrate UK Wool Week, we'll be be hosting the wonderful Gloucestershire Guild of Spinners and Weavers who will be demonstrating wool craft from different time periods. There will also be some extra woolly activities for everyone to enjoy, on top of the usual Farm Park fun.More details to follow - sign up to newsletters if you'd like to be kept up to date. 

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