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Gloucestershire Old Spot mum gives birth in new IAE Animal Barn

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Maize Maze (New for 2017)

Our Maize Maze is opening on the 29th of July!This year the maze has a tractor theme, where both children and adults can enjoy getting lost in a sea of maize crop and using the clues to escape.Along the way you will find other attractions such as puzzles, play areas, kids activities and more, all related to this year’s tractor theme.Our maze is attached to the Farm Park, and is located in a field very close to the visitor centre. Once you've paid your admission to the Park, you’re welcome to come and explore the maze!If you haven’t been to a Maize Maze before you'll be shocked at what a great addition to your day they o...

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Meet the Farmyard Animals

Have a close encounter with our young fuzzy friends and don't forget to ask a member of the team any animal-related questions you might have.


The Sheep Show

A pageant of history on four legs, this demo is excellent fun! Some of our rams climb up a pyramid shaped stage and help us to demonstrate how sheep breeding has changed over the last 4,000 years. Some lucky children will get the chance to join in with our staff, and dress up in period costume.

Milking low res

Milking Demonstration

Learn all you need to know about the milk story with this fascinating demonstration. A member of the team will take you through the process of milking with the assistance of either a Gloucester cow or one of our Saanen or Toggenburg goats.Milking demonstrations take place at the Farm Park from April all the way through to December.


Meet Our Chicks & Rabbits

Hold a chick or stroke a rabbit, while learning more about these fluffy little bundles; from the egg-hatching process of chickens and ducklings to how to care for small pets.Chick and rabbit handling takes place in the Touch Barn throughout the day.Please note: the welfare of our animals is very important to us, during the hot summer months we will be rotating the handling of our chicks and rabbits to allow adequate rest periods.

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